Ensure the integrity of firmware and software in use on industrial connected devices. Track data, manage permissions, and authenticate all devices.



As industrial processes become more interconnected and interdependent, cyberweapons like Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, and Gauss will only grow in prevalence and sophistication. The potential damage caused by compromised PLCs can be catastrophic and severely impact operational, manufacturing, or defence capabilities.

MANTLE ensures the integrity of firmware and software in execution on industrial connected devices. Mantle makes it easy to track assets, manage roles & permissions, and ensure authentication of devices.

 Why use Blockchain technology?
  1. Data you can trust. Unlike traditional databases, it is possible to verify the integrity and authenticity of data on-read.
  2. Exponentially more difficult to exploit. Inherent decentralization makes it nearly impossible to compromise the data stores. And is not vulnerable to traditional database exploits.
  3. And more. Blockchain enables unified identity management, persistent distributed governance and simplified multi-party collaborations.


  • Strengthen operational security
  • Enhanced operational monitoring
  • Assure data authenticity & integrity


Suggested Integration Plan

  1. Sign firmware/software
  2. Log exceptions
  3. Unified identity management
  4. Stream data
  5. Manage permission 


How it works?

Within your application, use Mantle API to: 


  1. Create a firmware/software signature of binary
  2. Add Compare API call to bootloader or software.
  3. Add logic to handle mismatch (ex. Interrupt, log exception, etc.).