Get a clear perspective on your financial marketplace with financial assets that are created, rated, and exchanged with immutable traceability.



The ability for non-prime lenders to obtain financing is a continuous challenge, high risk equal unfair rates due to a limited pool institutional lenders. The use of structured assets in an open market can lower lenders cost of capital and offer very competitive rates.

The financial innovation of structure asset comes with the baggage of the 2008 financial crisis. The need for transparency and integrity is paramount.

MANTLE blockchain technology plays a crucial role in supporting financial marketplace where financial assets (loans, derivatives, structured assets, ...) are crafted, rated, exchanged and payed with immutable traceability.


Suggested Integration Plan

  1. Certify document authenticity
  2. Exchange financial assets
  3. Unified identity management
  4. Automated payment settling
  5. Distributed operations


Certify Document Authenticity

In the pursuit of improved client experiences, some modern lenders offer fully digital lending solutions. Clients trade the added convenience for potential insecurity regarding the authenticity of the terms and conditions of the agreement they enter into. As this agreement is central to the financial assets created, the document's authenticity and integrity is paramount.

MANTLE Sealer allows to authenticate document's integrity by storing a zero-knowledge proof-of-authenticity stored on a virtual blockchain.


Why use Blockchain technology?

  1. Data you can trust. Unlike traditional databases, it is possible to verify the integrity and authenticity of data on-read.
  2. Exponentially more difficult to exploit. Inherent decentralization makes it nearly impossible to compromise the data stores. And is not vulnerable to traditional database exploits.
  3. And more. Blockchain enables unified identity management, persistent distributed governance and simplified multi-party collaborations.



  • Reduce friction between stakeholders with clear authentic record of reference
  • Facilitate signature process
  • Simplify administrative operations that are ready for scale


How it works?

Within your application, use Mantle API to:


  • Submit a document for signature. If documents are standardized with few varying parameters, consider using the templating feature.
  • Identify signatories by email or your internal unique identifier.
    • Optional - if using Mantle Sealer UI. Invite signatories to your workspace for signature.
  • Sign with signatories' unique signature. Passed signature could be an image, textual, or binary data.  


  • Compare user-submitted document/signatures with the authentic hashes store on your virtual blockchain.
    • Mantle Sealer will return a percentage similarity and identify discrepancies on the user-submitted document.