Simplify consent management and enable permission-based data encryption to offer the highest level of privacy and security. Patients control the terms of their consent.



Strict rules regulate access to patient medical records. Prior to digitization most of these rules were enforced through institutional bureaucratic processes, limiting the patient involvement and preventing an efficient flow of information for better healthcare.

MANTLE simplifies consent management and enables permission-based data encryption offering the highest level of privacy and security. The patients (or their assignee) are empowered to set the terms of their consent.

Suggested Integration Plan

  • Patient-based consent management
  • Patient data re-encryption with consent
  • Ultra secure patient data storage


  • Remove bureaucratic hurdles
  • Empower patients with their rights
  • Ensure patient privacy

Why use Blockchain?

  1. Blockchain enables unified identity management, persistent distributed governance and simplified multi-party collaborations.
  2. Data you can trust. Unlike traditional databases, it is possible to verify the integrity and authenticity of data on-read.
  3. Built-in transactions traceability. Blockchain data structure inherently records immutable exchanges between parties.
  4. Exponentially more difficult to exploit. Inherent decentralization makes it nearly impossible to compromise the data stores. And is not vulnerable to traditional database exploits and more.


How it works?

Within your application, use Mantle API to:


  1. Design medical consent  template (e.g. purpose, scope, ...).
  2. Set the duration of the consent to be given.
  3. Import stakeholder identities (users, patients, institutions, researchers, etc).

Issuance / Revocation

  1. Issue patient medical consent to authorized party.
  2. At any time, patient can revoke consent by sending revocation token.