Offer instant background verification, without exposing your data to cybersecurity risk.



With the majority of workers predicted to freelance by 2027, today’s slow, manual, single point of failure prone pre-employment screening industry must evolve to accommodate the growing number of background checks without exposing sensitive data to unauthorized third parties.

Background checks reveal up to 35% false information regarding past experience, academic records, and criminal background. US Department of Labour sets the cost of each bad hire to 30% of the employee’s salary.

MANTLE simplifies credential verification without exposing any sensitive data to bad actors. An optional fiduciary audit trail can be configured to ensure traceability of access.


  • Faster background validation
  • Ensure individual privacy
  • Lower implementation cost

Why use Blockchain?

  1. Data you can trust. Unlike traditional databases, it is possible to verify the integrity and authenticity of data on-read.
  2. Exponentially more difficult to exploit. Inherent decentralization makes it nearly impossible to compromise the data stores. And is not vulnerable to traditional database exploits.
  3. And more.  Blockchain enables unified identity management, persistent distributed governance and simplified multi-party collaborations.

How it works?

Within your application, use Mantle API to:


  1. Create a validation template (e.g. first name, last name, SIN, etc.) (aka what you want to validate)
  2. Define record identification strategy (e.g. unique id, meta-data, etc.)


  1. Populate records to be used for validation.
  2. Mantle will create a SmartHash* of the each record.
  3. Mantle will store the resulting SmartHash* on the blockchain.


  • Strategy A (single record). Validate with a specific record. Mantle compare each validation request content with the specified SmartHash* to certify validity and optionally highlight discrepancies.
  • Strategy B (multiple records). Validate with a list of records.  Mantle compare each record part of the list with their specified SmartHash* to certify validity and optionally highlight discrepancies.


  • Send data over API. Mantle will process the data for the creation of a SmartHash* and delete it immediately after.


 *Note that SmartHash is Mantle hashing function allowing zero-knowledge proof while enabling optionaly the identification of discrepancies between compared data points.